When your next adventure is waiting around the Great Bend, we have you covered!

Great Bend Apparel, quality, and affordability take you from one adventure to another, whether that be in an office, climbing a mountain, fishing your favorite swimming hole,
or working cattle.

Take a moment and look around the bend and see what products we have to offer.


The original soft shell is the most versatile jacket on the market.


When you just need a little something when the weather turns chilly or whether you pair it with a hoodie, our vests are a perfect fit!


Our luggage is perfect for a
quick getaway and adventure.

Ranch Hand

The Ranch Hand is constructed out
of heavy denim for durability.


Wool body construction with genuine cowhide sleeves are featured on the letterman.


Constructed of genuine cowhide leather, our leather jackets complete any wardrobe.

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